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Everybody Loves Raymond Raybert (HD, TV-PG) Robert starts dating a woman who thinks that he's Ray, but things go wrong when the woman meets Debra and tells her that she's dating Ray.
Seinfeld Highlights of 100, Part 2 (HD, TV-PG) The retrospective continues as Jerry and his friends go about their days accomplishing nothing and nitpicking everything they encounter.
Bridezillas Marsha & Regina (HD, TV-14) A bride-to-be attempts to handle her financial issues before her wedding, while another must be calmed down by her future sister-in-law.
The King of Queens Educating Doug (HD, TV-G) Doug becomes the class clown when Carrie enrolls them in a college course after worrying that they are becoming stupid and boring.
Rules of Engagement Role Play (HD, TV-PG) Jeff schemes up a plan to get into a popular restaurant with a long waiting list that he promised to take Audrey to; Liz & Russell go to a Sex Addicts meeting.
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